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Meet the HR Team!

Welcome to our second addition of ‘Meeting the Team!’

Today we have our wonderful HR team. The team cover all roles involved with HR. Harriet looks after the administrative roles in the business with Charlotte and Becky looking after all of other roles.

So lets begin…

Question: What is your background?

Harriet: I worked in the big bad world of banking, as a qualified mortgage advisor and in my latter years as a branch manager.

Becky: Believe it or not… I also previously worked in Finance; credit control and accounts receivable.

Charlotte: My background is talent management, resourcing and HR.


Question: What is your favourite song of all time?

Harriet: Love Birds – Want You In My Soul (Stee Downes remix) or Luther Vandross – All Night Long

Becky: Massive Attack – Teardrops

Charlotte: Foo Fighters – Best of You. I’m a rocker at heart!



Question: If you could pick you last meal, what would it be?

Charlotte: Sad but true, probably just a cheese and mayo sarnie with loads of crisps.

Becky: Seafood starter, Christmas dinner with all the trimmings and the biggest ice cream sundae you have ever laid your eyes on.


Question: What is your biggest achievement?

Harriet: Buying a home in the countryside.

Charlotte: My beautiful boy.


Question: What is your perfect Saturday night?

Harriet: Alfresco dining in the summer garden with a G&T.

Charlotte: Oh, it depends whether I’m in, or out! In, the three of us in our matching jim jams, having popcorn, cuddles and a nice movie. If I’m out, then out with the girls for drinks, dinner, gossip and a club if we make it.

Becky: Chilled drinks, yummy food, great music and lots of laughs with all my favourite people.


Question: What is the first job you ever had?

Hariet: Selling knickers at La Senza.

Becky: I worked in a bakery.


Question: If you were having a celebrity dinner party – who would you invite first?

Becky & Harriet: Robin Williams.

Charlotte: Dave Grohl, James Dean, Nelson Mandela, Elvis, Dhali Lama and Paddy Mcguiness for the giggles!



Question: What is your favourite place in the world?

Charlotte: Cornwall.

Harriet: Maldives.

Question: What do you love about the discipline you work in?

Harriet: We are a close-knit team & complement each other really well with varied work and life experience. We get to work with wonderful friendly HR candidates and help them realise their dreams.

Charlotte: I love the interesting, bright and inquisitive individuals that are in HR, who are so people centric and want to make a difference.

Becky: All the people.

If you’re looking for a new challenge in HR feel free to get in contact with Becky, Charlotte or Harriet by giving them a call on 0115 8700 300.

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