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Are you heading into another Monday where you’ll be sat at your desk for the majority of the week? Is this driving you insane? If so this is potentially the role you’ve been waiting for. Do you fancy yourself in a hands on role, do you crave the chance to work creatively and effectively? You know you could market and develop the product better if you knew the ins and outs to the full lifecycle.

Ideally, you’ll be experienced in both product and marketing and be looking for a job that allows you to use both and use both on a daily basis. I mean, blending new product development and product marketing is the ideal scenario isn’t it? Who wouldn’t admit they can develop a product better if they know the market and who wouoldn’t admit they can market a product better if they know all aspects of the product?

You’ll hit the ground running with this role, from day one you’ll be handed a product you need to know, you’ll probably come into work on Monday in jeans because you’ll spend most of your day in the testing room using the machines and tools. This process will enable you to write the most effective and clear customer facing instructions. In addition you’ll be able to create some fantastic marketing material since you know the true benefits of the product.

Tomorrow is a new day and it’s potentially less physical as you’re conducting some solid market research to identify exactly how this and the other produts you manage will sit in the market. You’ve collated your findings and you’re ready to share it with your manager, you’ve both got a lot of prep to do for the trade show you’re attending next week and this info will definitely help!

Anyway, that probably explains it enough for you to be interested or maybe It doesn’t and you’d like to know more. Either apply or give us a call to hear more, you can reach Lauren or Jack at Distinct Recrutiment who would love to chat this through with you in detail.






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