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Financial Director – Available for interim assignments

Following a rather busy Easter break,  I have got back into the swing of the recruitment world interviewing a Financial Director who is immediately available for work. He developed his career over the years working in varied Manufacturing environments and has experience of multi-site and multi country set ups. His most recent experience has given him responsibility for the management of Finance functions the UK and US. He is a CIMA Finalist and Prince 2 accredited.


  • Managed the transition of the Accounting function from the US to the UK saving $85K
  • Implemented performance management controls in the US and UK for comparison analysis
  • Introduced standards for production targeting and supervised the redesign of the production process in the US
  • Introduction of performance controls through “Bowling Charts’ ensuring all departments had monthly objectives to achieve and report on
  • Net savings of £210K through implementation of cost cutting measures. These included staff reorganisation, purchasing review and consolidation and customer profitability reviews


If you would like to discuss further or receive a CV, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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